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Company Profile 

Our vision is to be an English Training Institution and to offer services for anything dealing with English professionally which is supported by:
-          Intention to give satisfaction to students, parents, and other customers of ours.
-          Excellent human resources.
-          Efficient and effective in process.
-    Serving society by providing English training and all interrelated services optimally.
-     Developing interest and society’s awareness of the importance of English in globalization era.  
-   Joining the government’s program to sharpen people’s minds all around the country.          
II. MOTTO “ Connecting you to the world.” 
English is a worldwide universal language. Connecting you to the world means that by practicing English at Hello English students will develop their skills in communicating in English. As long as they have skills to communicate in English, it means there will be no problem for them to communicate with people from around the world in order to improve their knowledge and ability.                                                  
1. Giving English training comprehensively.                      
2. Translation: translating from English to Indonesia and from Indonesia to English.
3. English Study Tour
4. Performing other supporting programs to improve English skills of students.  
5. International Scholarship Program  
6. Overseas Study Consultant

            Taman Pinang Indah

            Block D2 no.1 Sidoarjo - East Java - Indonesia
            Ph. 62-31-8052778 ( Monday - Friday  11.00 -20.30
                                                  Saturday              08.00-12.00 )


- Limited seat class: number of students is 6 to 12 students per class creating intensive atmosphere in teaching learning activities. 
- Trained and qualified teachers.    
- Four skills method. Focusing in the four skills needed in communication: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.                                                                                     
- The use of English Communicative Games in teaching learning activities enables students to master the skill enthusiastically and without getting bored.
- Up to date materials     
- Using 100% English so that students are getting used to communicate using English .
- Maximum service dealing with students’ mastery of English.               
- Guest speaker, foreign or native speaker as a guest to be a model in English speaking.                                                           
- Extra activities other than daily English training such as holiday package, outbound, study tour, contest, etc.