International TESOL Training


International TESOL training for English teachers. TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is basically designed for unexperienced teachers, but is useful for experienced teachers as well. English teachers and those who want to be English teachers join this training and learn how to teach English using TESOL methodology and get International TESOL Certification. 
TESOL helps trainees avoid boredom and reluctance in their students learning process. Trainees will learn how to teach the four skills interactively as well as with grammar and phonology. They will learn how to create interesting materials and activities, fun situation, good teachers attitute, and develop classroom management and lesson planning. The training is done with interactive learning activities and a lot of practice and performance to build self confidence among the trainees. In the end of the training, trainees will go through teaching practice in real classrooms to apply their new knowledge and ability and for their final assignment. Hello English is the associate of American TESOL Institute, and the TESOL certificate is globally accepted and recognized.